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mary lace still life


The Welsh Quilt Centre is showing the paintings of Mary Lace. Her still life paintings reflect a soft beauty of tone and colour which includes recognisable objects from the past and present.

Mary describes her own paintings as follows:

Although I have tackled a variety of subjects in the past, my paintings currently are all still life paintings. With still life I can create my own subject in my studio and work from it for a sustained period of time. My choice of content varies but it is always guided by abstract qualities of colour and tone, form and line rather than by ‘meaning’ or ‘narrative’.

Once I begin to study the group more deeply inevitably I discover many more rich and unexpected visual pleasures. To recreate these in on a canvas is both endlessly challenging and rewarding. During that process sometimes a narrative will develop for me from association with long treasured objects and fabrics; sometimes through chance juxtapositions. The ambiguity of my images allows other people to identify differently and perhaps find their own particular response.


Mary lists the painters who have inspired and continue to inspire her:

The painters I admire (among many others) are William Nicholson for the simplicity and directness of his content; Matisse for his joy in colour and shape; Cezanne for his powerful compositions and Manet and all his painterly predecessors for their sensuous handling of paint.

The exhibition is free and open from 18th July to September 2nd 2017. The Quilt Centre is open Tuesday – Saturday from 11.00am – 4.30pm.

This is just a sample of some of the works on display.

Mary Lace's Biography

Mary Lace was born in Aberdare, South Wales in 1944. She trained for her degree in Bath Academy of Art, Corsham, in the 1960s. Her career has been in teaching Art and History of Art in Lady Margaret School, Howardian High School and Coleg Glan Hafren, all in Cardiff. Mary now freelances as an Art History lecturer.

She has given several series of lectures in St David’s Hall and has been invited as a guest lecturer to a variety of groups in Cardiff, the Vale and the Valleys. She also lectures on a permanent basis to two Cardiff U3A Art Appreciation Groups. For many years she designed the posters and programme covers as publicity artist for Cardiff Little Theatre.

Her paintings have been for sale in group exhibitions in London, Cardiff and West Wales and to date she has had two solo exhibitions: one in the New Theatre, Cardiff, and the other, in 2014, in the Norwegian Church in Cardiff Bay.

Her connection with the Quilt Centre is through her paternal Grandmother, Bella Lace who was one of the celebrated South Wales Quilters.

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