Centenary Celebrations

Concessions for WI Members

To celebrate the fact that the first WI meeting in the UK was held in Wales, (16TH September 1915), The Welsh Quilt Centre is pleased to offer all WI members a special admission concession to the 2015 Exhibition (The Welsh Quilt Party). From 1st September to 31st October 2015, WI Members will be eligible to half price admission, paying only £3.00 per person (the normal rate is £6.00).

Over the years, Jen Jones Welsh Quilts and Blankets and The Welsh Quilt Centre have enjoyed a long relationship with WI members. An expert on Welsh Textiles and the founder of The Welsh Quilt Centre, Jen Jones has given many talks and has also been featured in WI articles and publications. The Welsh Quilt Centre welcomes large and small groups and many WI groups return annually to see each new exhibition.

In fact, The Welsh Quilt Centre was recently chosen as the preferred location for the handover of the Centenary Baton. Although Lampeter is a relatively small rural town, it has two local WI groups that meet on a regular basis, Lampeter WI and the Custard Queens. On the 13th May 2015, members of both WI groups met at The Welsh Quilt Centre for the handover of the Centenary Baton. The Ceredigion WI centenary scroll (Onnen group) and a friendship cake were presented to members of the Custard Queens and Lampeter WI in front of a large audience and local press.

The Welsh Quilt Centre looks forward to welcoming members of the WI to the 2015 Exhibition (The Welsh Quilt Party) and would like to thank the WI for their continued support.
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