Sonja Turner Textile Artist Exhibition

Sonja Turner takes over Gallery 3 on September 30th, and her exhibition of textile prints will run from then to the end of our season, on November 1st.

Sonja is a local artist who has been creating work in print, textiles and mixed media for the past 14 years. She finds her inspiration and energy from the nearby environment and sees colour, form and textiles as her way of intuitively responding to how she sees the world around her.

Fabric, paper, paint and stitch enable me to respond to my surrounding - she says

She finds herself starting work only to return again and again to the same theme, or as she puts it - The path takes me back to the same place and I know it yet again for the first time - T S Eliot

Sonja continues to work, lecture and run workshops locally.

Her work is on display in Gallery 3 and runs from September 30th to November the 1st.

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