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Gallery Three –

Featuring selling exhibitions in our downstairs gallery (behind the gallery shop )

Our Opening artist for Gallery Three in 2024 is Julia Griffiths Jones

Conversations with Objects

By Julia Griffiths Jones

March 9th to May 4th 2024

New work on enamel and paper

‘During the winter of 2021 – 22 I began a series of drawings about the kitchen in Llanerchaeron, a National Trust property not far from the Welsh Quilt Centre. I have always found domestic spaces inspiring, and in 2017 I won the gold medal for Craft and Design at the National Eisteddfod of Wales for Room within a Room, a kitchen made in wire.

Recently I was drawing in Rembrandt’s house in Amsterdam, and his kitchen and studio contained some fascinating objects from his vast collection of artifacts. I was not expecting to see an even larger collection of objects – 71,000 to be exact, on display in Rokin metro station, which had been dug up from the river Amstel   collected and arranged beautifully as you descend the escalators to the platform.

For this exhibition I have drawn the shards and fragments from the haul and printed them onto my favourite objects from Llanerchaeron and Amsterdam using both enamel and paper surfaces to create new patterns and meanings.’

 Julia Griffiths Jones work

Julia Griffiths Jones jug


Future exhibitions for gallery three in 2024

May 7th to June 29th  New work by Valériane Leblond

July 2nd to August 3rd  - - The Other Kind of Doll - presented by Veronica Wellington.

Follow the progress of an Art Doll maker as she learns the craft of making soft sculptures. Veronica traces her journey from a  “just do it” passion to awareness of how to construct three dimensional forms and apply design principles to her work. She shares the process of turning an Idea and a selection of textiles, haberdashery and whatever comes to hand into expressive figures and reveals the stories behind her “one of a kind” and limited edition creations.



August 6th– end September

Folk Art Textiles with Hannah Hughes and Janet Bridge

 folk art cushion












Gallery 3 houses changing exhibitions. Entry is free and items are available for purchase.

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