Gallery 3

Valeriane Leblond returns to Gallery 3

18th March to 14th May 2022

Valériane Leblond is a French and Quebecker artist who has lived in Wales since 2007. She was brought up in Angers, France, and went to live in Wales after graduating in literature in Nantes. She lives in the coastal town of Aberystwyth with her four sons, her partner and a cat.

 She has a little studio at home where she paints while listening to French radio and sipping posh tea. 

Her artworks often deal with the idea of belonging, how people inhabit the land, what makes the place they call home. Most of her works have details and sub-stories that you may notice if you look longer. She loves reading novels and wanted to be a writer when she was a child. There is a narrative aspect in her paintings, and she often has to write down what she has in mind before she starts to paint it.

She also illustrates picture books, which is a great way of combining her two passions, books and painting.

house with quilt on line VleB

house and beachnight

windy day by sea



Gwenllian’s Jugs  by Stuart Evans

17th May to 16th July 2022

These prints, drawings and painting are made as a response to my long term friendship with Gwenllian Ashley. Not only did I work with Gwenllian at Ceredigion Museum for over twenty years but we became friends. When she died suddenly in 2019 it was a time not only to remember so many good times but also to celebrate her inspiration.

Gwenllian loved and appreciated the old and timeless beauty of well crafted and designed objects.  As a collector she filled her home with the most fascinating and beautiful things. She would arrange and order the mass of objects with an eye that meant everything had its place. This ranged from inherited Welsh furniture to her loved African trinkets and her mass of blue and white plates and jugs.

My focus on the Welsh dresser in her hallway was inspired by the coming together of so many aspects of her life in one iconic piece of furniture. As you enter her house the massive solid wooden structure suggests her warmth and generosity, reflecting a life filled with multiple experiences, treasuring the past but also including the present. Each colourful item displayed has a story, be it ancient or modern.

drawing of jugwith flowers



lustre jugred jug





Miss Smith  by Diana Milstein

 Original work by Diana Milstein can be seen in The Gallery shop all year round. Cards and prints also available


Perfect symmetries - A Painter's Patterns by Lorraine Bewsey

18th July to 20th August 2022

Lorraine Bewsey came to prominence as a portrait artist. Her exhibitions ‘Poet Portraits’ and ‘Welsh Olympians and Paralympians’ toured across Wales and were shown in London and Brussels. Her most recent commission was His Grace George Stack, Archbishop of Cardiff.

Inspired by William Morris, Lorraine has a lifelong appreciation of design and pattern. The same precision and rigour that characterise her portraits are apparent in this latest body of work, ‘Perfect Symmetries: A Painter’s Patterns.’ Taking a lead from quilt making, but painted in oil on canvas, these complex geometric compositions are meticulously rendered in sharply defined oblongs, diamonds, triangles and other forms with complimentary or oppositional colours. The small-scale elements build and combine to produce an overall effect that is high in impact. These paintings are audacious visual statements that could equally adorn a traditional country home, retro-styled mid-century décor, or pared back modernist aesthetic.


Hexagon on white backgroundlarge red blue

 small redround 8 pointed blue and yellow star





Another Way by Sonja Turner and Pat Papps

22nd August to 17th September 2022

Sonja Turner

Sonja Turner's background in Textiles has given her an acute awareness  of the many uses of fabric,colour and stitch.

"My current work is influenced by  Bengal Kantha work, along with the late artist Mary Feddon, The pandemic has allowed me to revisit  my interest in the Foundling Hospital and Its History I have tried  to pay homage to all the little children and their desperate mothers."

Pat Papps

"I came from Birmingham to Wales in 2011. The Beauty of the Landscape around me along with flowers in gardens, my ceramic collection or simply fruit in a bowl inspire my work. A process of drawing/printing and collage, enable me to develop ideas into abstract and figurative pieces. The use of hand stitching, words and phrases add to the overall texture."

 abstract in pinkyou're a peachno 2no 3

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