2012 Exhibition - a Quilted Bridge

2012 Exhibition - a Quilted bridge In 2012, inspired by Dorothy Osler’s book; “Amish Quilts and the Welsh Connection”, Jen Jones and designer Gwenllian Ashley created a fantastic opportunity to see and compared quilts these two quilting conditions.

The exhibition showed quilts from the collections of the American Museum in Bath, the Ceredigion Museum and the National Museum Wales together with more quilts from the Jen Jones Collection. Side by side were hung stunning antique American Amish quilts and the fabulous, strong early geometric flannel patchworks from Wales.

Two communities, Welsh and Amish, both independent, non-conformist, plain living people, arrived in America on the immigrant ships at much the same time. They settled and, in Pennsylvania and Ohio, became neighbours. Were the similarities in their quilt designs due to influence or just coincidence? Too late to see the exhibition, but you can still buy Dorothy Osler’s ground-breaking book and the exhibition catalogue.

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