2013 Exhibition - Kaffe Fassett comes to Wales

section of quilt by Kaffe Fassett from the exhibition

Thrilled as we were to have Kaffe Fassett’s quilts for our main display, it presented us with the real challenge of how to juxtapose classic Welsh quilts with Kaffe Fassett’s riotous colours. As Gwenllian Ashley, the exhibition designer put it:

The problems were obvious; the possibility of the much older Welsh quilts being overpowered by the rich contemporary pallet available to modern quilters. And what a stunning pallet, as used by the master of colour, Kaffe Fassett.

Gwenllian’s love of telling a story is beautifully reflected in the result. Solid colour whole cloth quilts encircle the walls around Kaffe’s exuberant quilts which dance in space to his hymn to hedonism. The whole cloth quilts tell the story of wonderful quilting and stitch work applied to an everyday object, which was designed to keep the family warm in bed. Kaffe’s quilts are an exceptional reminder of how modern quilts are made to delight the viewer and of how they can be works of art, fit to hang on any wall, but may still be used to cover a bed…

Do come and visit this sublime mixture of rigour and hedonism.

Preparation and Opening

A preview of the gallery preparations and the opening lecture from Kaffe, you can find a link to the gallery display itself just above.

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