Gallery 2

Hearts and Flowers

By Janet Haigh

March 9th – November 2nd 2024

Janet Haigh –

‘I am a freelance designer-maker, applied artist, crafts-woman, whatever you choose to call m – I stitch stuff by hand. I work in many materials, from silk to metal, but I am constantly drawn back to fabric: it is the most intimate material we use in our lives - we dress in it, live surrounded by it, carry our children in it, wrap our dead in it; it carries colour, pattern, messages and history.

I am particularly drawn to myths and symbols of all regions and religions and my favourite symbols are Flowers, their history and their given meanings; Hearts, especially the broken and mended heart, Hands, often found in friendship jewellery and Eyes, to deflect the evil or jealous gaze. I feel that to make my best work I need to engage my hands and eyes with my heart.

The Hearts and Flowers exhibition shows hand stitched works that have been made over a period of 20+ years - up until the present day.’

 After Winifred


Mending sampler


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