Paisley Pageant Gallery 2

Sandie Lush's Paisley Pageant

Opening March 19th 2022

Sandie Lush’s Paisley Pageant is another series of hand quilted Welsh cot quilts which explore the many design variations possible using a paisley pattern originally created by Mrs May Thomas for her prize-winning 1901 quilt. Once again combined with a simple Welsh Trail cable, this collection of quilts follows on from Sandie’s Paisley Renaissance collection of 2016 and her Paisley Parade collection of 2019. Along with the silk and satin quilts from Paisley Parade, Paisley Pageant features 12 brand new hand quilted pieces. These quilts set out to illustrate how quilt patterns can evolve and, although firmly rooted in the Welsh tradition, take design from the truly traditional through to a more informal and modern setting.

EbrillTusw-pinc quilt

sandie lush quilt pwysi-2Dawns Flodau quilt by Sandie Lush

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