Disability Access

Access help for people with disabilities visiting the Welsh Quilt Centre

The Welsh Quilt Centre offers a range of facilities to make your visit more enjoyable. If you have any enquiries regarding facilities and services for disabled people, please contact us by telephone on +44 (0)1570 422 088

In general:

The Town Hall was built in 1872 and is not easily adapted to modern standards of access. However, we are doing what is practical within the funds available. We intend to improve accessibility over time.


There is a disabled parking bay across the road directly opposite the front of the Town Hall. Lampeter’s main car park is about two hundred yards away and from it, you can see the Town Hall’s prominent bell-cote over the houses. Sainsburys has a smaller car park just to the rear of the Town Hall. The bus stops are on either side of the road in front of the Town Hall.

Entering the building:

The pavement in front of the Town Hall is wide and the entrances to both the Welsh Quilt Centre and the Café-Deli are level.

Inside the building:

The main gallery is on the first floor; 27 easy steps with some winders and two intermediate landings.

The second gallery is at an intermediate level, off the main staircase.

The staircase has a chair lift and our staff is trained to help those that need to use it.

There is a toilet near the bottom of the stairs and an accessible toilet on the first floor.

To preserve the textiles, illumination levels are not high but we have tried to use contrasting strips where necessary; for instance changes of direction on the staircase In the main gallery, descriptive and interpretive text is in 14 or 16 point. Text in larger print is available in the gallery.

All assistance dogs are welcome.

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