Janet Bolton

Artist StatementSample of Janet Bolton's work

My early awareness and appreciation of cloth, due to growing up in Lancashire when the cotton industry was still there led me, I believe, to compose my images with fabric rather than with paint.

With an idea in mind, and working directly with selected pieces of fabric, I cut,place and re-arrange the different elements allowing the composition to develop until satisfied with the placement of each piece. This I prefer to working out ideas in a different medium as it allows for a wonderful directness and freedom.

Sketching I enjoy as a separate activity, but the observations made do feed my imagery.

My interest in colour and flat pattern is often combined with a personal sense of perspective and space, these ideas I manipulate to create my own world.

My landscapes and images are always imaginary although often inspired from something I have observed.

Inspiration comes from memory, imagination, observation, and, at times from an idea or memory evoked by the fabric itself. Sometimes all these sources are combined in a single piece.

Janet Bolton biography

Janet Bolton, Born Lancashire England 1942.

Harris School of Art Preston 1960-64 N.D.D.

Liverpool School of Art 1965 A.T.D.

First started to exhibit in 1984, and has had many exhibitions worldwide. Janet has published books for adults and children, and many textile books include chapters on her work.

Janet moved to London in 1966 where she married and brought up their two children. During this time she developed her own “voice” beginning to exhibit in 1985.

She still lives in London and continues to exhibit and teach world wide. More info on her web www.janetbolton.com.



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