Welsh Quilts by Jen Jones BK004

Welsh Quilts by Jen Jones book cover
£ 12.50 each

Welsh Quilts, until very recently, have been recognised by too few as the important component of Welsh culture that they are.

This 63 page 'Towy' guide, with over 50 colour photographs (now in a second edition), concentrates on this craft industry's most productive period: the last quarter of the 19th century until the outbreak of the second world war. The intention is to stimulate more interest in, and respect for, a sadly negelcted part of Welsh heritage.

Jen's introduction to the book begins:

"As I write, ten of my favourite, and most travelled quilts are in England where they are being shown in a number of museums and galleries. If you live in the right part of the UK (or of America or Japan) you may have a chance to see them. Nothing of course, is quite as good as having them under your direct gaze, but I hope this little book will evoke something of their beauty, charm and interest, and that the illustrations will serve as a reasonable substitute for a private viewing of my collection."


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